From the girl he dates, to the hobbies he loves, it's clear Taemin wants excitement. →


I mean come on, listen to all his ideal types. They’re either sexy, out-going, and/or stand out well. Taemin’s favourite hobby is extreme sports, and he loves things that give him adrenaline rushes. This boy loves excitement. It’s clear he doesn’t want to live a safe, normal life-style. He isn’t…

EXO Fandom -- is this fandom okay?? →


1) Fandom full of lies and hatred

their fans like to spread rumors whether it’s nice or the worst one. Never understand what’s their intention

their fans like to fight with other fans inside or outside fandom. there are some personal fans of certain members who bring other members down. How…

Kpop life ? →


I’m a fan of KPOP since I was 10 . I began to know Kpop when I was 8 . My cousin kept playing TVXQ’s song Love in the Ice and sometimes , I would sing it with her although I did not it was a Japanese song . I often got confused if that song is Japanese or Korean but now , not really . Unless ,…

New EXO Fan →


I’m probably going to get a lot of hate from saying this, but when I first heard of EXO I thought….wow just another group of a bunch of guys barely getting any lines in their songs. Just all plastic robots. I didn’t really bother listening to MAMA or History. I did however, listened to Wolf and I…

Why K-Pop is so important to me. →


I may not be one of the fans that have been there from a group’s debut or a fan that supports them money-wise or a fan that can fly out to see their concerts. I’m probably never going to see any idols with my real eyeballs, the most I’ll have are those 1080p fancams.

I always get asked by my… →


The kpop fandom is growing and I just want everyone to remember the greats like Super Junior, Rain, Lee Hyori, BoA, and Shinhwa; who are all fairly active today. I want fans to remember the days of H.O.T. And FinkL. I want fans to remember how difficult it was for other Asians to get into the…

Exo and the Controversy →


To put it bluntly, Exo is overrated. And Exo fans, hear me out. I know lots of people have different opinions about this and I respect those opinions so please respect mine.

Firstly, Exo are rookies which is something I think a lot of fans need to remember. They are new and still need to…

SM Trainee →


I was an SM Trainee from 2010-2011. I dropped out because it was too hard, and there was too much favoritism going on. Like, you could tell who the trainers liked better and they would treat and help these trainees more. But, anyways, since all you guys probably care about is Exo, here is my…